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Heatons Plant Wall

Green Wall, Plant Wall, Plant Cell Wall, they all describe a vertical garden.
Heatons Plant Wall is totally hassle free.
Sit back and be the envy of your friends.

Heatons Plant Wall Features
Heatons Plant Wall has 60 plants, creating a WOW impact first up every time
Heatons Plant Wall only takes up a floor area of 60cm wide, 20cm deep and 2m high (less than one chair space)
Heatons Plant Wall covers unsightly walls
Heatons Plant Wall can be used in any shady position, indoors and out
Heatons Plant Wall will last for 12 months with no maintenance and years afterwards with very little effort
Heatons Plant Wall is a complete unit, only needs to be plugged in to power and water
Heatons Plant Wall has specialized potting media
(holding up to 100lt of water giving a week of reserve water for the plants if the power becomes unavailable)
Heatons Plant Wall uses less than 10lt of water per week (less than 24ml per plant per day)

Research has proven
-plants clean air of VOCs (sick building syndrome)
-plants create a harmonious environment
-plants can improve office productivity

Can be used in
Offices for dividers, Corporate entries
Home entries, Home retreat areas
On balconies, patios and Living areas
Entertaining areas, Bathrooms and spa areas
Anywhere in an indoor or shaded area

Greenery improves productivity

Did you know, 1 plant per person per room will clean the air of VOCís
Order yours today e-mail Peter and supply us with your name and address and contact
phone number and we'll get back to you with delivery dates.


The positive effects of office plants   http://www.ngia.com.au/files/nurserypapers/NGIA_NP_2010-06.pdf