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Small Production Nursery  State Winner 2006


Small Production Nursery  National Winner 2007

                                                                                                                                                                                         Where we are- Sunshine Coast-Queensland-Australia

Heatons Wholesale Fern Nursery was established  by Don and Daphne Heaton in 1976 based upon their very extensive private collection of ferns built up over a number of years.  The collection included some 100 varieties of Adiantums (Maidenhair fern).  Several of these plants had passed through family generations as ferns can live for many decades.
The collection provided the base supply of spore in those early years and while the majority of stock is still propagated using spore collected from their own mature plants some additional lines such as Nephrolepis from Holland are imported as tissue culture and the Tassel Ferns are produced by a layering method.
The "local" area has a climate ideal for growing tropical and sub-tropical ferns and this has contributed to the ability of Heatons Wholesale Ferns to cultivate commercially the spectacular
"Lady Moxam", "Marsha's Pride", and "Pacific May" from the Adiantum tenerum family and the very colourful Adiantum macrophyllum with it's bright pink new growth.
Son Peter, and his wife Maree, took control of the nursery in 1997 and as a new generation brought to the nursery the synergies of youth and enthusiasm.  Their visits to growers in Holland and Japan allow them to keep up with what is happening in other parts of the world and to continually introduce new and innovative methods and ideas to their operation.
Heatons Nursery offers tube stock, 10cm (4") pots and 17cm (7") hanging baskets from a current range of approximately 100 varieties and supplies plants to all states of Australia.  If you have preference for a particular fern not currently produced in commercial quantities please talk to us as we may be able to satisfy your needs .E-mail


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                                               Peter, Maree, Jack, Luke & Max 

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